Western Montana is a flyfishing paradise, come and See for yourself.

Rivers we Fish

Stunning - Spectacular

West Fork of the Bitterroot River

You'll be hard-pressed to find another trout stream anywhere that competes with the beauty and quality of fishing this river has to offer. From the headwaters, located high in the Bitterroot Mountain range, to the confluence of the east fork, this river is every angler's dream.


East Fork of the Bitterroot

This stream begins in the Anaconda Pintler Range and makes it's way through a stunning valley and along highway 93 to the confluence of the West Fork near the town of Conner, MT.

Dry fly fishing


This is the crown jewel of the Bitterroot Valley. Flowing for almost 80 miles from the confluence to the mouth, near Missoula. This river competes with any other river for consistent dry fly fishing for large trout.