April 5th Fishing Report

Posted by Jeff Gray on

With this warm weather and rain we’ve had this week, the river doubled in size. This will certainly spread out the fish and make finding them more fun. Lots of new structure and side channels with the extra water levels.  Might have to give it a day or two to settle in, but the best fishing is almost always after a big push of water.  Once things settle down and the fish are happy with the new water flows and bugs start making their way back to the waters edge, you’ll see the dry fly game back with consistency. Until then, this is a great time to search with some streamer patterns and be on the look out for our May Fly activity happening real soon.  The side channels will see mayflies hatching any day and the fish will be able to move into the shallows to feed.  Nymphing is always effective this time of year and it’s hard to beat a Rubberleg and SJ worm combo, but perdigons and princes are also effective. 
Be on the lookout for new obstructions as the push of water may have moved some wood around in the system. Be safe, stay vigilant and have fun, we’ll see ya out on the water. 


Darby: 921 CFS   
Bell Crossing: 1580 CFS   
Near Missoula: 1960 CFS

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